What To Expect if You Buy or Sell a Home This June

June is always buzzing in the housing market since a lot of people choose to buy and sell around this time. If you’re planning to make your move this month, here’s what you should know to be prepared. **If You’re Buying This June:** A lot of families prefer moving after the school year wraps up and before the next one starts, making late spring to early summer a hot time for real estate. This means more buyers will be out there, leading to a bit more competition. But there’s a bright side: more sellers list their homes during this time, so you’ll have a wider variety of options to choose from. Bankrate highlights that this period offers more inventory but also more competition. That’s why having a reliable real estate agent is key. Your agent will help you stay updated on new listings, craft strong offers, and guide you on the true value of homes, ensuring you make well-informed decisions. As Forbes puts it, being well-prepared and realistic can make a big difference. Don’t let the fast-paced market push you into buying something that doesn’t suit your budget or lifestyle. **If You’re Selling This June:** For sellers, June is fantastic because of the high number of motivated buyers aiming to move before the new school year. If your home is presented well and priced right, you could sell quickly or even at a higher price. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) states that warmer weather and school schedules drive people to buy and sell, boosting competition and prices. With a strong market, make sure you have a great agent to navigate contingencies and negotiations, helping you select the best offer. It’s also important to discuss closing dates with your agent. Buyers might need different timings based on their school calendar or selling their current home. Being flexible can smooth out deals, possibly leading to concessions from buyers. **Bottom Line:** If you’re planning a move this June, let’s connect. I can help you navigate the current market conditions and craft a plan that’s just right for you. --- How's that? Does it fit your style, or would you like to tweak something?

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